have better sex

Oshihana is a premium skincare line devoted entirely to sexual wellness and recovery.

Using certified organic plant-based ingredients, we create effective, soothing products with your happiest, healthiest self in mind.

We believe everyone should Have Better Sex.

Effective sexual wellness and recovery with a minimalist approach.

Formulated by a rad women-led team of doctors, naturopaths, and pharmacists, and supported by a growing community of individuals excited to explore their sexual limits, we promise that our products are always:

About Oshihana - CBD Bath Soak Sparkle Bath Bomb CBG Hemp Extracts (people celebrating those facts)
Pleasure, sensation, and relaxation before, during, or after play.
Synergistically formulated, certified organic botanicals and Oregon-grown hemp.

Ignite intimacy and inspire connection with a lover, friend, or by yourself.

Contraception. Anatomy. Sexuality. Consent. Gender. STI’s. Health. Honesty. Relationships. Communication. Family Planning. Reproductive Rights. Love. Masturbation. Boundaries. Self-Care. Safety. Kissing. Emotion. Responsibility.


Good Science & Good Sex

Through rigorous research and testing, we’ve found that the key to better sex grows in the ground we walk on.

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(the 411 on self pleasure) Words by Jenna Schreck @nowheylady So it’s a new year, and you’ve decided to carve some time out for self

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CBD + CBG Sex Oil with stainless steel sex toy

Don’t forget to get yourself a little something extra this year. Pleasure is power after the year from hell so we’ve partnered with Le Wand

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