Words by Jackie Bryant

“Common things,” Ashley Manta, a sex, relationship coach and educator known professionally as The Cannasexual, told me over the phone one day.

Pain, stress, feeling disconnected from one’s body due to trauma or other issues, experiencing a rut in a partnered sexual relationship–these are just some of the normal, everyday issues that Manta says often get in the way of getting down.

Thankfully, cannabis can help. Unlike alcohol, which helps lower inhibitions but also is a physical and mental numbing agent, cannabis acts as what Manta likes to call, “a connector.” It enhances sensation. Part of this reason is that THC is a vasodilator, which means that the application of THC to a variety of body parts will result in an increase in blood flow. Translation: in addition to that classic red-eyed stoner look, THC is going to make anything with a mucous membrane like a vagina, anus or mouth–feel really, really good. It will help reduce pain and inflammation, if there is any. And the mental effects of cannabis help too, particularly with anxiety and stress.

A word of caution, though: before embarking on any new sexual journey with cannabis, users should make sure to understand their bodies and how they react to cannabis in various forms, inside and out. Nothing kills a good orgasm quite like having the wrong high. To test, Manta suggests trying various methods out while masturbating. Without further ado, here’s how cannabis in its various forms can “elevate” sex into something truly next level.


Ideal for pain management, whether it’s because of medical issues or just too much banging, suppositories are becoming an increasingly popular way to use cannabis products for sexual health. They tend to be the length of a quarter, so are easy to insert, and they also work well for easing menstrual cramps–did someone say period sex?


Commonly mistaken for lubes are the popular cannabis oil tinctures that come loaded with THC and CBD and, when applied to a vagina, usually result in mind-blowing sex and orgasms with little to no intoxication for the user. Usually made in conjunction with MCT oil and frequently including other essential oils, these oils are made for vaginas, because penises don’t have mucous membranes. Think of it as the most fun and exclusive club around.


Since edibles often result in a magnified body high, it almost goes without saying that they are the perfect bedfellow when it comes to enhancing feeling and alleviating pain during sex. Though they can take up to two hours to kick in, depending on the body’s metabolism, the effects often last for up to six or so hours, making edibles ideal for marathon sex sessions.


Smoking flower is probably the most popular method way of exploring sex and cannabis. To give a couple of examples, a high CBD strain can reduce anxiety while a joint filled with classic Kush flower can produce a potent body high that seems tailor-made for sex. The key to maximizing pleasure with flower lies in the strain–certain strains will produce heady, energizing highs, which may be just the trick to get someone going. Other times, a relaxing, fuzzy, all-encompassing body high is what the doctor ordered.


Mixing concentrates–like shatter, wax, sauce and others–and sex is not for beginners in either realm. Dabbing or vaping cannabis oil are advanced methods of cannabis ingestion that produce a fast, incredibly potent and clear-headed high. Once someone has a good handle on how their bodies handle concentrates, it can be an incredible mind-and-body bending experience to fuck after dabbing. Orgasms can be significantly more intense and long-lasting and there can also be a mild psychedelic effect, enhancing both visuals and sensation.