Where can I buy your products?
You can buy our CBD + CBG products right here on our website. Our medicated topicals are available in Oregon dispensaries, and you can find our stockists on this Google map

We’ve created the CBD+CBG Sex Oil and Golden Hemp Bath Soak as alternatives to our medicated topicals that are sold only in Oregon. 

Yep! Here’s some more info on that.

Influencers and affiliates? 
We love meeting and connecting with new people and finding ways to work together. Slide into our DMs on Instagram or send us an email if you’re interested in working together!


Will your products make me high? 
The products we sell online are made with hemp. CBD + CBG are non-psychotropic cannabinoids, so they will not make you high. BUT when your endocannabinoid system is activated it can still bring physiological benefits like heightening sensation and reducing pain.

Do they work? 
Simple answer, yes.  They work because cannabinoids are natural vasodilators. This means that when applied to mucous membranes, blood vessels open up and oxygenated blood flows more freely. This can increase sensitivity, ease pain, and enhance pleasure. And each of our botanical ingredients is selected for functional benefits to help with skin elasticity, moisture, and inflammation. 

That said, everyone’s body is unique and will respond in it’s own way. So we’re not here to make claims so much as set an intention and encourage exploration and experimentation.

When should I use the sex oil? 
The ideal would be to apply at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time. That said, be patient and go slow – it’s a good approach to our products and it’s a good approach to sex in general.

When should I use the soak?
Long day and need to relax? Is it the middle of the afternoon and you’re looking to hit reset on your day? Want to take a dip with a lover…really there’s no bad time to take a bath in our opinion. 

Can I use it with a condom? 
Our products are not safe to use with a condom. The plant based ingredients and oils can damage latex condoms and cause them to break.

How are your products tested?
We rely on licensed and vetted third party labs to test all of our products. This way we can confidently know that both the ingredients and end product are pure, safe and accurately labeled. We provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every ingredient and batch of our products, check them out here.

Are your products safe to consume orally?
All of our ingredients are food-grade, so completely safe if you wind up ingesting them. 😉