Terpenes are arguably the most unique and important ingredients in our products. These powerful compounds are the synergistic enhancers that bring cannabinoids to life. Terpenes are the source of many fragrances in plants and fruits but they also increase bioavailability and speed absorption as part of the broader phytocannabinoid environment.   

As part of our formulation process we’ve created a custom blend of plant derived terpenes that work specifically with our other ingredients to help you have better sex. Here are a few highlights from our products.


Relax. Drop in to your body. Mycerene helps you get there. Behind the musky scent is a powerful compound commonly found in cannabis flower and known to amplify the effects of THC and CBD. This wonderful terpene is believed to ease symptoms of chronic pain and contribute to relaxed and sedated states. Myrcene is in our products because it enhances therapeutic possibilities.   


Think happy thoughts and let the good stuff in. Among one of the most recognized terpenes, limonene is associated with elevating mood and stress relief. It is commonly found in citrus fruit peels, hence the name and aroma, and specifically improves the absorption of other cannabinoids through the mucosal membranes. We’ve added it to Oshihana products to help your body soak in all the other ingredients.

Beta Caryophyllene

Beta-caryophyllene directly activates cannabinoid receptors all over the body. When they interact it leads to pain relief and an increased efficacy of other cannabinoid ingredients. This terpene is also uniquely capable of reducing inflammation. Pain and discomfort often occur during sex, beta-caryophellene increases the analgesic effect of our products and helps to relieve your body.