Oshihana CBG CBD Delta 8 Sex Oils

Oshihana is a premium skin care line devoted
entirely to sexual wellness and recovery. 

Using certified organic ingredients, we create effective,
soothing products with your happiest, healthiest self in mind. 

We believe everyone should
Have Better Sex.

Enhance pleasure, heighten 
sensation, and deepen relaxation before,
during, or after play.

Synergistically formulated,
certified organic botanicals and Oregon
grown hemp + cannabis.

Ignite intimacy and
inspire connection with a lover,
friend, or by yourself.

We believe in good science and good sex.

Hemp Topicals


Feel more to feel better.

Our hemp derived topicals, the CBG Sex Oil and Golden Hemp Soak are now available to order online!

Birds and bees? 
Let's get specific.

Contraception. Anatomy. Sexuality. Consent. Gender. STI’s. Health. Honesty. Relationships. Communication. Family Planning. Reproductive Rights. Love. Masturbation. Boundaries. Self-Care. Safety. Kissing. Emotion. Responsibility.