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Oshihana is a premium hemp and cannabis skin care line entirely devoted to sexual wellness and recovery.

Using certified organic ingredients, we create effective, soothing hemp and cannabis products with your happiest, healthiest self in mind. 

We believe everyone should Have Better Sex.

Flower Power

Formulated by a team of rad lady doctors, naturalpaths, pharmacists, and supported by a growing community of individuals excited to explore their sexual limits, we promise that our products are always:


-100% plant based
-US Grown Botanicals
-100% Certified Organic Ingredients
-Free of parabens, sulfates, emulsifiers, fragrance, GMOs, phthalates, petroleum or silicone


Our plant-derived skincare line combines Oregon grown cannabis oil with Certified Organic ingredients to provide the most effective topicals, promoting sexual wellness and recovery with a minimalist approach.

Get Close. Have Better Sex.

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.


Cannabis Line

THC & CBD Products
available in oregon dispensaries


our salve works as a vasodilator 



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Sex Oil

this is info about the sex oil

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Hemp Line

CBG & CBD Products
available online
(No THC)

CBG + CBD Sex Oil

CBG activates anandamide, boosts dopamine, and can help inspire intimacy. Certified Organic botanicals with Oregon grown CBD and CBG can help enhance arousal and heighten sensation.

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Sparkle Soak

CBG, CBG, Organic Botanicals, and a subtle golden glow will leave you blissed out and shining - inside and out.

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