Botanically rich, synergistically formulated, certified organic, body-safe ingredients.                   
OREGON GROWN HEMP + CANNABIS Cannabinoids act as vasodilators meaning they open up all cardiovascular channels (veins, arteries, etc.) to improve blood flow and thereby lower blood pressure. Improved blood flow can heighten sensation and enhance arousal, making for better sex. CBD moves around the body, meaning it can interact with many different receptor families (serotonin, dopamine, opioidergic, immune, endocrine, etc). CBG is considered the mother of all cannabinoids because it is extracted from the plant in early on in the growth cycle before the other cannabinoid compounds form. Like CBD, it is also non-psychoactive, and when the two are combine they synergistically enhance their therapeutic and relaxing potentials.
TERPENE BLEND Cannabinoids and Botanical terpenes work together through the entourage effect to enhance experience and sensation. Learn more about Terpenes here.
OREGON GRAPE EXTRACT The root of Oregon Grape has been used as herbal medicine to treat many maladies including, herpes, skin disorders and yeast infections. It also has antimicrobial properties (including its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-parasitic action), immune boosting, and anti-inflammatory properties. The chemical composition of the Oregon Grape—thought to have most of the plant’s medicinal properties— is called berberine. Berberine, an alkaloid derivative of many herbs, including goldenseal, is known to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Alkaloids are thought to help fight various types of infections and have been used for the relief of yeast infections.
JOJOBA OIL It’s unique due to the fact that its composition is actually similar in consistency to sebum. Sebum is our body’s natural oils that seal moisture and protects our skin from damage and has anti-inflammatory properties which help to tame chaffing and chapping, reduce redness caused by drying, and keeps skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help in skin repair and damage control.
CARROT SEED OIL Antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifier, antioxidant, and an anti-carcinogenic. Moreover, it is a carminative, depurative, diuretic, emmenagogue, stimulant, cytophylactic, tonic, and a vermifuge substance.
GOLDEN SEAL EXTRACT Goldenseal contains the chemical berberine, which might have effects against bacteria and fungi. For example, it can prevent the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) from binding to urinary tract walls. Because of its anti-microbial activity, it has a long history of use for vaginal infections. Goldenseal is applied to the skin for rashes, ulcers, wound infections, itching and herpes blisters.
COCONUT OIL Serves as the base of the oil and is also known to be antibacterial and anti-fungal.
ROSEHIP OIL Not only do the fatty acids and Vitamin A in Rosehip Oil moisturize the skin, but they also promote skin regeneration, and can improve skin flexibility and permeability.
CALENDULA IN OLIVE OIL It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Calendula has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties via powerful flavonoids. These plant-based antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage and pro-inflammatory compounds. Anti-inflammatory linoleic acid is also found in high concentrations in calendula.
SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac.
SEA BUCKHORN Adding Sea Buckthorn seed and pulp oil to your daily regimen to help alleviate vaginal dryness. It has been found to help with mucosal integrity within the vagina which in turn reduces vaginal dryness and irritation. The fruit of the sea Buckthorn, a hardy plant native to Europe and Asia, has been called a “nutrient bomb” because it is so rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and other beneficial compounds. In addition, the pulp contains exceptionally high omega fatty acids, including the rare Omega-7 fatty acid (palmitoleic acid).
TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL Tea Tree oil contains a number of compounds, including terpinen-4-ol, that have been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. Terpinen-4-ol also appears to increase the activity of your white blood cells, which help fight germs and other foreign invaders. These germ-fighting properties make Tea Tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing. The anti inflammatory effect of Tea Tree oil helps to soothe and relieve painful and irritated skin.
VIRGINIA CEDAR WOOD OIL Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. Smells like a forest in springtime.