Delta 8 Tincture


Welcome to the new frontier of sex and cannabis. It’s a party and, well, everyone is invited.

Formulated with precision dosing of Delta-8 distillate and supportive botanicals like Rose and Damiana, this delicate little Mouth Party wants to lift you up no matter what sort of exploits you’re into. Embrace those sexy vibes – we love to please.

Delta 8 Distillate Feels Great

So stay light and tune in with yourself and whoever else you might be playing with.  

Like a deliberate romp, we would never rush a good thing. We bolster the Oregon grown Delta 8 by blending in Organic Damiana Leaf, Rose Petal, and Rose hips. We use a tempered two-week steeping process to pull the bright properties from our botanicals and then pass all of our ingredients through a vacuum extraction process that leaves us with the highest quality ethanol and glycerine extract on the market.

Enjoy a dropper full 20-60 minutes before play time.

Formulated to support a deeper and more intense connection.

*not available in all states*


Oregon Grown Delta-8, Rose Petal*, Rosehip*, Damiana*, Vegetable Glycerine*, Cane Ethyl Alcohol (*Certified Organic)

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Hemp derived, FDA compliant contains no Delta 9 THC
No additives, emulsifiers
Vegan and gluten-free