Stay Light, Go Far Bundle

$120 – SAVE 15%

We’ve got you covered (literally head to toe) with all three of our Hemp derived products. Settle into a deep soak, rub down with our Sex Oil, and stay light with our Damiana and Rose infused D8 Tincture.  

Welcome to the new frontier of sex and cannabis. It’s a party and, well, everyone is invited.

Formulated with precision dosing of Oregon Hemp derived Delta-8, CBD, CBG and Organic botanicals. 

Why you ask?

Isn’t it obvious? We love love. 


it's good & good for you

So stay light and tune in with yourself and whoever else you might be playing with.  

Bathtime, playtime, nightime, daytime.
In the dark, on the grass, in a car, in the…as we’ve always said:
everything goes, and we like it that way.

This bundle contains:
Golden Glitter CBD Bath Soak
CBG Sex Oil 
D8 Tincture


*not available in all states*


Learn more about our Ingredients

100% Hemp derived
FDA compliant contains no Delta 9 THC
No additives, emulsifiers
Vegan and gluten-free